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Hosted by Mella

Sit back....relax....take a deep breath.....and indulge in an unique FOOT worship session.

Coconut oil & ccoconut whip cream provided to have your FOOTSIES adored.

A fun way to introduce yourself, is to join in the Trampling conga line and meet people with similar interest as you!

Foot Worship can include:






Removal of heels, boots, stockings

Next Event June 29, 2019 @3pm-7pm *SUMMER BLOOM* Theme

Don't miss an  afternoon of FOOT  pampering 

I am happy to introduce an enjoyable afternoon  of FOOT worship
Hosted by Miss Tora

GODDESSES: Sit back..... relax..... take a deep breath..... and indulge in
an unique foot worship session

ICEBREAKER: To meet our Goddesses, you can deliver a flower

FOOT Slaves: Colour wrist bands to indicate your interests will be available when entering the event area.

A fun way to introduce yourself is to join the Trampling conga line and meet people with simiilar interest as you.

Coconut oil & coconut whip cream provided to have your footsies adored.

FOOT worship can include: massage, sniff, lick, suck, trampling, removal of heels, boots, and stockings

All must be consensual

3:00-4:00pm ICEBREAKER
4:00-5:30pm Foot worship
5:30-6:00pm Trampling Conga Line
6:00-7:00m Foot worship & all of the above & everything else to explore in the club

Private rooms available for further priva


Beginning at 3pm to 7pm


- July 18 - on Thursday evening

- August 24 - Afternoon event due to long weekend 

Entry Cost

Couples $20

Single Females  Free

Single Males $60

**Additional cost if you do not have a membership

**COUPLES attending the afternoon event will receive FREE entry to the night event at Club M4